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October 24, 2012
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It has been three years since you've married to Ludwig. No excitement had occurred on those passing years, just your normal day to day life as a housewife.

One day, your friend and her husband from work, are off on their tenth honey moon trip. They were planning to go oversea but their six years old little boy, Feliciano, couldn't go with them.

You felt bad for the loving couple, since they couldn't go on their trip.

So you had an idea.

As you and Ludwig ate dinner, you want to share it with him and saw if he agreed with you.

Hesitating to ask, you looked up at him and finally gain the courage you needed. "Sweety?"

Looking back he smiled. "Yes Frau?"

"Do you remember the little boy named Feliciano? My friend's son?"

"Yes what about him?" he asked, while using one of his hand to support his whole head on one side.

"Well," as you stuttered, you looked down at your knees, "his parents are going on a honeymoon trip, but they can't take Feliciano with them. So I was wondering, since it's the perfect opportunity for us to take care of a child. Can we le-"

"Let him stay right?" As you immediately nodded in response, Ludwig sighed. He knew already that you were going to ask him this sooner or later. Obviously, Ludwig noticed multiple times that you had always wanted a child, ever since you laid eyes on Feliciano. To your surprise he too wanted a child, but he was too embarrassed to admit it.

"Fine." With that he went back mashing his potatoes.

You stood up and walked over to his side to hug him.

"Thank you Ludwig!" you said as you wrap your arms around his neck. "Ich liebe dich!" You laughed as you tried to speak in his native language of 'I love you'.

Blushing, Ludwig hugged you around your waist and looked away, feeling embarrassed. "Ah, ich liebe dich auch."

The you let go of the hug and jumped in excitement. "I should call his parents right now about the great news!!"

With that Ludwig continued his dinner, as you were called your friend.


Next morning, you were making breakfast for you, Ludwig, and special guest.

Ding Dong

"I got it!" As you took of your apron you ran towards the door, knowing exactly who was behind it.

Once you open the door, Feliciano quickly hugs you. "Good morning Mrs. Beilschmidt!"

You wrapped your arms around his tiny body and laughed. "Good morning Feliciano. Are you excited to stay with us for three weeks?"

He nodded back at you. You looked up at his mother who was carrying a tiny suitcase that was apparently Feliciano. "Well everything he needs are inside his luggage, and if you need anything else, you can just call us."

"Got it!" you responded.

"By the way,thanks again for taking care of him while we're away."

"No problem at all, I'm happy to help."

The mother smiled and hugged Feliciano one last time before leaving.

Closing the door behind you, you looked around and Feliciano wasn't there.

"Feliciano! Where are you?" When you hear a loud scream coming from upstairs, you ran up and went to your room.

Once you reach your room, you instantaneously laughed at the sight of Feliciano jumping on top of, the still sleeping Ludwig.

Your tired husband groaned in discomfort, as he shifted to the other side of bed.

"Germany! Wake up Germany!"

Since Ludwig was originally from Germany, Feliciano has always called him by that nickname. Ludwig hates the name but you thought it was cute.

"Get off of me you brat." he said.

"But Germany! I want to play with you!"

You laughed as Ludwig was looking at you, pleading for help. You sat on the bed next to them and patted Feliciano's hair.

"Come on Feliciano, Germany is tired." You said while using his nickname to tease him.

"B-but I want to play with Germany!"

Widening your eyes you finally know what he was whining about. 'Ah, Feliciano has a little crush on Ludwig,'  as you thinking, you laughed out loud at your conclusion, 'this is gonna be fun!'

You laid your head down on Ludwig's chest and evilly grinned at the little innocent boy. "But Feliciano, Germany is mine. You can't play with him like the way I do."

He looked at Ludwig and tears were about to burst out in his eyes. "Ve? W-what does she mean by that Germany?"

Ludwig sat up, patting Feliciano's head to stop him from crying. "Don't worry about that little Feliciano, Mrs. Beilschmidt here is just teasing you."

Sitting back up you pouted at your husband. "You're no fun Germany."

"Then does that mean I can play with you Germany?"

Ludwig rubbed his head and sighed in defeat. "Fine, might as well since I'm already up."

Feliciano cheered and jumped off the bed, dragging your husband away from you. Once you got up also, Feliciano looked back at you and stuck out his tongue.

You smirked in satisfaction and hold onto Ludwig's hand as all three of you walked downstairs. 'I guess this means war.'


Being with Feliciano, time has gone  by extremely fast. Almost everyday you and him are fighting over Ludwig, like dogs fighting over a piece of meat. He was your number one rival and for some reason you were happy about it.

One night, the last day before Feliciano has to go back home, you felt depress for some reason. Squirming around under the covers of the bed, you felt uneasy. The heavy weight in your heart is not going away at all.

Accidentally waking up Ludwig he wrapped his arms around your waist to calm you down and looked you into your (color) eyes.

"What's the matter ____? Are you feeling sick?"

You leaned closer into Ludwig's embrace, letting the warmth of his body engulfing yours.

"I think I'm going to miss Feliciano when he's gone."

Ludwig looked down at you, kissing your forehead.

"Don't tell me a little six years old is now my rival."

You laughed at his joke and quickly kissed him on the lips. "I think it's the other way around."

A sudden knock appear behind the door and both you and Ludwig sat up.

When the door opened, Feliciano came in and was holding onto a brown teddy bear against his small chest. "I-I just had a nightmare."

You gently patted the middle of the bed, signaling for him to come. Knowing what you were doing, he climbed onto the bed and went under the covers, sleeping between you and Ludwig.

"It's ok, it was all just a dream." you whispered, as you cuddle closer next to Feliciano.

Before you know it, you fell asleep while holding onto Feliciano protectively. Ludwig on the other hand was awake because of Feliciano kicking him the whole entire night.


Next morning, Feliciano's mom is in your house, to take back her son. While packing everything up for the little boy, you felt gloomy. Knowing this is the day you and him have to part.

"What's wrong Mrs. Beilschmidt?" Feliciano wondered, as he was waiting for you to finish packing his luggage.

The only thing you could do was smile, as you kiss him on the top of his head. "It's nothing you should worry about." Giving him the luggage, you hugged him tightly. "I'm going to miss you my little Feliciano."

Feliciano itty bitty hands wrapped around your neck and nuzzles into your neck. "I'm going to miss you too Mrs. Beilschmidt." Moving his hand to your ear, he got closer. "Don't tell Germany this but I love you way more than him." he whispered.

Hearing those words from the little kid himself has made you feel blissful. It's almost as if he was your own loving son.


You and Ludwig waved good bye when both Feliciano and his mother went inside their car. When the car was out of sight, you felt a throb in your heart and you started to weep.

"It's so quiet without Feliciano." Sitting down to the couch, you just continue crying. Ludwig shut the door and follows you to the couch, patting your head to calm you down.

"It'll be alright. We'll see him again soon."

"It's not that," you looked up at him as he kneels down to your height, "yes, I am going to miss Feliciano but the real reason I felt depress was that I wanted to have children. Our own children." Even though you were embarrassed, you looked straight into Ludwig's blue eyes. "With your eyes and my features or with my eyes and your features, I don't mind.  I just wanted to create a family with you, so that we can both love and caress that lovely bundle of joy together. Ludwig, having children with you is my only wish and of course you are the only one that can make it come true."

"Are you sure about this?"


"Even though children can be a pain in the ass?"

You giggled softly and kissed him on the cheek. "I'm with you aren't I?"

Sighing he gave up on reasoning with you and smiled. "Fine." He gently kisses your nose. "As long as it would make you hap-."

In a spilt second, you suddenly jumped on top of Ludwig and both of you topple down to the floor. "Thank you." Was the only thing you could say as your feelings inside were about to burst out.

Running his fingers through your hair, he smiled in satisfaction and sat up on the floor still holding you close. "Ich liebe dich, mein ____."

"Ich liebe dich auch, mein Ludwig."

With that, both you and Ludwig sealed it off with a passionate kiss and after the long three years of waiting. Finally, something exciting will start to happen.

As a new member of your family will soon join.
This may seem a little weird but i still hope you enjoy it!!!!!!

Now there is a lemon sequel to this story! Hope you enjoy it!
If you have a nosebleed do not blame on me! [link]

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

Germany (c) :iconsexygermanyplz:
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