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October 2, 2012
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   It was two days before your second anniversary with Gilbert and you planned out everything. A walk around the park while the sun is setting and a picnic under the moonlight. But, maybe that was just too good to be true, having your anniversary as perfect as that sounds impossible.


You were at home cooking dinner, waiting for your beloved Gilbert to come home from work. You set out plates of his favorite dishes and sat down on the chair, continuing to wait for him. It was now nine o'clock, but Gilbert was still not home like he usually was. However, you still waited for him believing he was just caught in work and nothing else. Though you were praying that he was just busy, you had an uneasy feeling that it wasn't that but something else...


You woke up not even knowing when you fell asleep, you looked at the time and saw that  it was two o'clock in the morning, you gave up. 'What is Gilbert doing!'  Frustrated, you tried calling him but no one answered. Disposing every food that you made in the garbage can, you angrily wash the dishes, 'I mean he could've called me, instead of making me wait!' Setting the dishes aside, you stomp back upstairs to your room and slide under the covers.

Feeling the empty spot beside you, you noticed that without him, it would be so cold and lonely. His warmth, his embrace, and his comfort wasn't here right now and you weren't used to it at all.

"Gilbert," you murmured, "where are you?" With that you closed your eyes and waited until you actually fall asleep. Convincing to yourself that when you wake up, Gilbert will be right next to you sounding asleep with his beautiful eyes closed.


Next morning, just one more day till the anniversary, Gilbert wasn't next to you at all and you began to panic. Hurriedly taking out your cellphone, you were about to call him, until you heard a faint sound of keys coming from the front door. Without even a second thought, you ran downstairs and check to see if it was Gilbert. Right when you saw his face, you exhaled in relieved as Gilbert was walking in, sobered and tired.

" Gilbert," you said while running towards to embrace him, "where were you? I was so worried that something might had happened to you last night."

Gilbert patted your head while scratching his, "I'm sorry ____, I left my cellphone at work because my boss dragged the awesome me to a bar for some beer, since you know I suck at remembering phone numbers, I couldn't call yours."

You nuzzled your head closer to his chest, so that the tears on your face would be wiped away. "It's fine, just go up stairs and wash up, you look exhausted." you said smiling up at him.

Gilbert saw that your eyes were red from the lack of sleep and the recent tears that was still gleaming from the corner of your eyes.

"Oh ____," Gilbert bent down to kiss you on the forehead and on the lips, "The awesome me will never do that again so please, don't cry." Wiping the excess tears away, he gave one last peck on the your lips and smiled, while you nodded in agreement.

Gilbert went upstairs to wash up while you were cooking breakfast for  you and him to eat together.  Just before you were about to call Gilbert for breakfast, someone was ringing the doorbell.

"Coming!" you yelled.

Running towards the door as you were about to open it, you didn't expect that because of one little answer on the door, it would make everything in your life disappear. Wishing that you went back in time to stop this whole thing from happening, you just unknowingly opened the door and immediate pain came across your heart.

A cute and petite girl was standing in front of your doorstep and as she was smiling, she was looking around inside your house, not daring to barge in.  "Hi I'm looking for Gilbert!" she smiled while holding a familiar wallet towards you. "He left his wallet at my house, so I'm just here to return it."

You remained silent, as you were taking the wallet slowly off from her hands. Hearing footsteps coming closer, you look back to see Gilbert in his pajamas rubbing his wet hair with a towel.

"Who is-" before he could even ask, the girl pushed you aside and hugged him around his neck.

"Good morning sweetie, why did you leave so early?  I could've made you breakfast!" she giggled as she kissed him on the cheek.

Anger, sorrow, remorse, and confusion was all the feelings you were having right now when you saw Gilbert was being hugged by some other girl, other then yourself.

You took a deep breath and tried to remain calm, but failed as you were stuttering nervously, "Gilbert, w-who is she?"

Gilbert looked shock and was trying to pry her away from him, "Get off of me!" With more force Gilbert finally pushed her off and was now grabbing on your shoulders. "Look ___, believe me I don't kn-"

"What are you talking about Gilbert? You were at my house last night because you got too drunk at the bar and I didn't want you to drive back home or anything."

You were about to slap her, but couldn't, since tears were blurring your eyes.  Trying to hide your tears, you looked away from the scene and turned around to run far away from Gilbert. While running and having your back facing the house the only thing you could hear was Gilbert's voice, "______!! Stop! Please!"

Tears were burning your eyes, as the icy cold wind were wiping it away. ' No this can't be true, I refuse to believe that.' Crying even harder you looked around your surroundings, finally noticing that you were in the city. The traffic light was at red and no cars were moving, you felt a pain in your chest as you heard a familiar voice.

"___! Please listen to me! I can explain!" Seeing Gilbert running closer and closer towards you, you just wanted to run away. The light had already turned green, but no car was in sight. Thinking that you would be safe, you crossed it anyways to avoid Gilbert. Sadly, you were wrong. When a car drives too fast they lost control, they didn't know how to press the brake they instead kept honking the person who was in their way. You were the one in their way and in your eyes, everything around you were frozen. The only thing that was moving was the car.

The car was to close for you to dodge and knowing that it was hopeless you closed your eyes, listening to the honking of the car.

Suddenly you felt arms holding onto you tightly, blocking your whole body away from the car and you looked who it was.


As the car impacted into Gilbert's back, both you and him were rolling down the street as he still holding onto you close, not letting go.

Trying to keep you safe...

Spitting out blood, Gilbert was laying down on the pavement while you were  gently holding up his head.

"Nooooooo!" was the only thing that could come out of your mouth as Gilbert was still crying out pain.

Looking around, as people were only staring, you became angry. "Help! Don't just stand there! Help!" With that people finally took out their cellphones calling 911.

"___," he said while stuttering out your name, you look back at Gilbert and was surprised that even with blood dripping on his lips, he can still create the most radiant smile, " I-I guess this was karma for my stupidity."

Shaking your head you began to cry, dripping your tears on his face. "No! It was my fault! I shouldn't have crossed the street and I-I should've just listen to what you have to say." Crying even more, Gilbert shakliy picked up his arm and wipe your tears away.

"Don't cry, please don't cry ____. I will stay alive for you and we can go back how it used to be, just the two of us. The awesome Gilbert will never die this fast, so please don't cry, I don't want to see you cry anymore."

As you heard the siren coming closer and closer you didn't hear what Gilbert was saying anymore. Gilbert used the last of his strength to gently bent your head down, kissing you passionately on the lips and whispered right to your ear as the siren became increasingly louder.

"I love you."

Was the last thing you heard from him, until he closed his eyes and lost all strength in his body.

"No," shaking him gently you don't want to believe that this was the end, "I thought you said you won't die his easily! I thought you said you'll stay alive for me!" Never ending stream of tears were coming out from your eyes, as you laid your head down against his lifeless body.

The paramedics finally came and were telling you to get off of him. Doing so, you watched them carry off Gilbert onto the  stretcher, you continued crying on the street while heavy rains started to pour, as if the whole world was crying for his sake too.

"Please God, please don't let him die like this," you prayed as you sat inside of the ambulance.

"Let me take his place..."


Two days have passed, since the tragic incident and you haven't moved an inch out of your house. You  were only laying down on your bed completely depressed, blaming on yourself that Gilbert had died all because of you. Your hair was a mess, your eyes became red and dull, and you were skinnier than usual. You didn't know what to do anymore, you just laid there, waiting for this nightmare to come to an end.

Suddenly a loud knock on the door appears and at first thought it was Gilbert, but then you remembered he was dead and that him coming though your door would be impossible.

"Hey ___, it's Ludwig." then a long pause was in the air and you waited for him to talk again. "Look, I know this is hard on you which it is for me too, but I know Gilbert doesn't want you to just isolate yourself from existence like this. He risked his life for you so that you won't have to die, so don't waste it." A deep and husky sigh was through the door as you went downstairs to listen closer.
"Bruder wanted me to give this to you during your anniversary yesterday and I just wanted you to look at this for his sake, please." When Ludwig's footsteps grew fainter, you looked inside your peephole to check if he really wasn't there. Opening the door, you saw a small package on the floor right below her feet. Hesitantly picking the light box she brought back inside and opens it. Inside was a small black box and a CD written 'Happy Anniversary' on it. You put the CD in the CD player and it started to play.

The first thing you see was Gilbert with his famous idiotic grin on the tv. "Happy anniversary ___!" when he opened his mouth to talk, tears began to fall down rapidly and you couldn't stop it. "Do you know what day is it? Well it's our second year anniversary silly, and of course I didn't forget because I am the awesome Gilbert!" laughing like a maniac Ludwig, who was holding the camera throw something at him to make him stop. "What the hell did you do that for West!?" A miracle has happen when you let out a tiny giggle from your lips.

'Even when you're dead, you can still make me laugh Gilbert...'

When Gilbert has finally finished yelling at his brother, the mood in the video has completely turned serious. "I wanted to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for staying with me this long even though I know I can be annoying sometimes." Silenced filled the room as Gilbert was trying to regain his thoughts on what to say. "Also the time we spent together, I will never forget them. Just like the time when it was your birthday, I smashed the whole cake on your face." Memories of that happening ran across your mind, when you and Gilbert had an epic cake battle in the kitchen, while the consequences of that was  cleaning the whole entire kitchen. "Or like the time we pulled a prank on my Bruder by giving every girl his number." Remembering Ludwig's priceless face made you laughed.

"Wait, that was you?!" Ludwig yelled while Gilbert was pointing and laughing at his brother.

"But in all seriousness, I just wanted to tell you that I love being with you and that the fact you love being with the awesome me!" he grinned. "No one will replace you from my heart, I will only love you and you alone." You see Gilbert kneels down on one knee in the tv while holding a familiar black box on his hand. "Can you please open that black box in the package ___?"

The tears in your eyes were blinding you as you slowly opened the black box and look at what it was inside it.
An engagement ring.

"When I was little, I thought that spending your whole entire life with someone would be really painful and boring. I really don't want to even get marry because of that, but when I met you," he paused a little bit taking a deep breath, "the only person I would imagine spending that many years with, will be you and only you." Wiping the tears off from your eyes, you continue watching Gilbert. "So please, since I won't love anyone but you," Gilbert opened the box and smiled,

"Will you marry me ____?" with that the CD ended.

The only thing you could do was to cry your eyes out while giggling at the never before seen Gilbert on the screen. Nodding your head constantly while putting the ring on yourself, the only thing you could do was to answer Gilbert properly, even if he wasn't here to hear it.

"Yes, you stupid idiot." You mumbled into nothingness, looking at your ring and hoping he would hear you say,

"I love you too, Gilbert."
Ok, first of all, its not that i don't like Prussia....

but its just that....

there so many things to write about him since his personality fits a lot of tragedy stories that I'm currently thinking of.

Sorry if it makes it seemed like I hate him cause i keep killing him but,

Gilbert is so awesome that i need to keep writing stories about him!!!! :iconsexyprussia6plz:

Disclaimer: Also this amazing Prussia is not mine...but i wish it was

Happy Ending: [link]
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Wafflepigs Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2014
Wafflepigs Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2014
OMG I've been reading sad Prussia x readers and this is the only one that made me cry you are awesome :,),,,,
brutallyawesome108 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2014
It takes a lot to make me cry and I'm seriously brawling my eyes out so thank you I probably needed to have a good cry considering that I've been locking away my feelings and trying to stay strong so again thank you (Geez this comment sounds all mushy :(
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So sad

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I love all of the Hetalia characters, from the bottom of my heart. Every single one of them... But Prussia has always been different to me. Now as I think about what kind of man I would consider settling with, I can only think of someone like him. Silly and can make me laugh, competitive to keep me on my toes, strong to support me, experienced to help guide me, randomly romantic to make me melt, and a loving and caring person who keeps going because he knows that people look up to him. I feel like he would be my best friend, and I could picture an interesting ever after with him...
Anyway, random rambling rant aside... Adored this fic, and giggled at the memory of once upon a time actually having a cake fight at my birthday. It was my cousins' fault, but... :iconshrugplz: At least the awesome me won. ;)
Fishyfan101 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2013  Student General Artist
You just described my perfect guy XD. One day... One day.. Lol.
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