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You haven't went to Kiku's house in a long time, since your Oji-sama told you to train for ten years in the mountains, without any contact with anyone.

Those years have gone by quicker than you think. As Kiku grew older you did too, but even with the age of 68 you still look younger than him.

Why was that?

One day you sneaked out of the sacred mountain and went to his house, expecting to play once again with Kiku, Kappa, and the little girl, who has recently joined into your group.

However when you arrived at the shrine, things weren't as they seem anymore. You saw Kappa carrying a traveling bag over his shoulder, while the little girl is walking along beside him.

'What's happening? Why are they going into the woods?' You wondered. As curiosity has taken over, you walked up to Kappa and the little girl, tapping on their shoulders for attention.

"Where are you guys going? Why are you leaving? I thought we're going play tag like the old times?"

Even though ten years have past, you still thought you could play like a little kid again.

Both Kappa and the little girl just looked at each other, exchanging glances on who will break the bad news to you first.

"Konbanwa, _____-sama," it was Kappa who will break it to you slowly, "the thing is, she and I are going back to our original home."

"Why?" Was all you asked.

"It's because..." with a sigh Kappa looked at you straight in the eyes, showing every hint of pity and sorrow that was meant for you. "Kiku-sama has lost his sight on us."


At first you didn't get it, so you laughed at the statement. "What do you mean Kappa? Kiku is different from the other humans, he can always sees us! This is a joke! It has to be!" Laughing louder, Kappa and the little girl can only look away from you.

"He can not see us anymore ____-sama, please understand that. We also wished that it was a joke but it's not."

You still denied the fact that it was true, as you were rejecting his voice from entering your heard. Shaking your head in disbelieve, you turned around. "I'm going to find Kiku."

As you were about to go, you felt a tiny tug on the sleeves of your kimono.

"Yamete onee-chan." The little girl said with her squeaky voice, pleading you to stop your ignorance. "Onii-chan can't see us anymore. Kappa and I tried to get his attention, but it was no use."

Looking at the little girl, you finally believed in what they were saying and that this whole thing wasn't a joke.

It was never a joke...

"You guys aren't joking, are you?" Looking at them, they just looked down shook their head in response.

"He forgot about us?" They nodded.
Then suddenly tears ran down your face, as you were hiding them with your hands.

Kappa patted you on the head in sympathy, as the little girl was hugging you from the waist. "Don't cry ____-sama," Kappa began, "even though we all care about Kiku-sama very much. We knew this day will happen sooner or later."

Removing your hands from your eyes, you looked up at Kappa with tears still going down.

"Kappa, can't we do something about this? Can't we just make Kiku see us again?"

Kappa shook his head. "We can't do that, Kiku-sama can only see us if he choose to still believe in us. But sadly, that had ended."

Looking down you pat the little girl's head and smiled. "I'm okay." she looked up at your puffy red eyes and pout.

"Onee-chan, do you love onii-chan?"

"What are talking about, of course _____-sama loves Kiku-sama, we all lo-"

"No Kappa-chan, I'm not talking about that."

You looked at her confused as she was yelling at Kappa.

"We love onii-chan because we think of him as a family," she looked back at you with a smile, "but you actually love him like  how oka-sama and oto-sama loves each other right?"

You blushed and looked away. "I-"

"Of course ___-sama doesn't." Kappa said interrupting you. "As a yōkai, she should know the consequences of loving a human, they are just nev-"

"Kappa-chan, let onee-chan finish." The little girl interrupted as she gently slapped Kappa's arm to make him shut up.

"I do.." you sighed, "I do love him and I know I'm not suppose to, but I just do."

"____-sama, don't you know that human and yō-"

"I know that!" Looking down you started crying again. "Human and yōkai are never meant to be. But ever since I was little, I've always loved him."


"Kappa-chan, let's just leave her alone. Onee-chan needs to choose her own path. Not for us to choose it for her."

Even though the little girl has an appearance of a young child, you're still not used to her being older than you by hundreds of year.

"As the only next heir of the Tengu clan. Please know the consequences onee-chan. And as a women who had also loved a human before too. Please be careful and not do reckless things."

When you nodded the little girl hold onto Kappa's hand and drag him back to the forest. "Bye onee-chan take good care of onii-chan for me!"

"Bye ____-sama, hope everything will turn out for the better."

As you waved to them both of their figures disappeared into the forest and you turned, facing Kiku's house.

"I'm back Kiku..."

As you walked inside the house you saw Kiku sleeping on the floor. You smiled as you quietly sat next to him. Knowing that he will never notice you anymore makes you depress, however just able to be near him was better than nothing.

'Am I stupid for loving you?' you thought. As you gently patted his head without him feeling it.

"I will always stay by your side like I promised." you murmured.


Many years have gone by and the only thing you've done was watching over Kiku. Keeping him safe away from any danger.

Recently, you've noticed Kiku had brought over friends from over sea. You were happy that he wasn't alone anymore and that someone else was able to make you happy.


One day, Kiku was showing a blond haired guy around Japan. Hearing their conversation, you knew that his name was Arthur Kirkland. While Kiku was showing him around his shrine, Arthur stopped and looked towards in your direction.

'What is he looking at?' As you were looking behind you, Kiku came and tapped Arthur on the shoulder.

"Hey Kiku, is there anyone else that lives here besides you?" Arthur asked.

"My parents."

"Besides them, is there anyone else living here on this mountain?"

Thinking, Kiku looked at the forest. "Well many people said that Tengus live on this mountain too. But Chichi-ue told me it was just myths."

"There's one over there." Arthur waved at you, hesitating you waved back at the Englishman.

"What are you looking at Kirkland-san?" Kiku asked.

"A girl Tengu is waving at us! Wave back already Kiku!"

You look at Kiku, not helping but to smile and as you walk towards them, you look at Arthur and bowed.

"Please take good care of this idiot on my behalf." you said.

"Of course!" Arthur replied.

"I can tell that you're very tired on your journey here. So how about we go inside my house and you wash up." Kiku suggested.

Arthur only nodded as he followed Kiku from behind.


At night when you were about to go home, you saw Arthur standing there alone, looking up at the sky.

"What are you doing out so late Arthur-san?" You asked as you walked closer to him.

"Hi again Tengu," he said as you laughed at his pronunciation, "I am looking at the moon right now. It's very beautiful."

Smiling, you looked at it too and nodded.

"Oh I wanted to ask, why can't Kiku see you like I can?" asked Arthur.

You sighed as memories of you and Kiku started replaying in our mind.

"He used to, but over the time he has forgotten about me, like all humans have. You're just really imaginative I presume, to still be able to see a yōkai."

"Yup you're right about that." he chuckled.

Silence taken over for a few mins and you about to leave. "Well I best be go-"

"Do you miss it?"

"Excuse me?"

Arthur looked at you with eyes full of sorrow. "Do you miss the time you and Kiku have been together? Because from the looks of it, you really miss him." You were taken surprise as he cupped both of your cheeks and using his thumb, he wiped away the single drop of tear that was, mysteriously falling down.

"Yes. Everyday I pray to Kami-sama that he can still see me again. However," more tears have escaped, "this relationship that I wanted, could never happen."

"You can't be so discourage, love." Wiping more of your tears, he smiled. "Life is full of mystery, you may never know what will happen. Maybe your wish will come true!" He gently embraces you and pats your head. "But if you lose your confidence already, it will never come true. So please, believe in this idiot. No matter what, just believe in him."

You looked up at Arthur and smiled. However in your heart you know that for sure, it will never come true.

Rule # 1 for yōkais: never get close to humans or misery will always be your only path home.


Next morning, Arthur went back to his country and on Kiku's table, there was a small white paper laying on the surface.

' Dear Kiku,
Please remember the time you and her have spent together.
That is her only true wish and only you can only fullfill it.
No one loves you more than her.
                                Arthur Kirkland

"What is that idiot talking about?" With no idea what Arthur was talking about, Kiku threw the letter in the trash bin.

As you were watching in a distant you picked up the note out of the bin and smiled.

'Thanks for trying Arthur-san, but it will never happen.'

Throwing it back inside the bin, you continue watching over Kiku.

'I can only love but can never receive it back. Knowing that, I am prepare for anything that will come at me. Even death will not faze me.'
This is chapter 2 of Never Meant To Be :D

Chapter 1:[link]
Final! Chapter 3 will come soon


Japan (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

Also this picture isn't mine!
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